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Yoga Maidenhead; Yoga classes Maidenhead; Yoga classes in Maidenhead
Yoga in Maidenhead;Yoga in Marlow;Yoga in Berkshire;Yoga retreats;Online yoga
Yoga in Maidenhead;Yoga in Marlow;Yoga in Berkshire;Yoga retreats;Online yoga

"My aim is to share the tools I have gathered through my practise, so that students leave each class feeling better than when they came in and that, with time they will reap the many other benefits of a regular yoga practise."

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I teach Ashtanga, Yin and Vinyasa Yoga.

In my Vinyasa classes I love to combine Ashtanga moves with Vinyasa, to help build balance, coordination, release tension in the body, build flexibility and improve posture. I include music to create atmosphere and incorporate  breath-work to help you connect with yourself, calm the mind and build resilience to stress. I bring Sound Bowls from India to my classes and use them in the final relaxation stage of the class - sound bowls stimulate the brain waves and help induce a deeper state of relaxation, helping you absorb the benefits of the practise. Where there is time, I love to build in an Aromatherapy based Savasana to help ensure that you leave in a state of bliss.

In my Ashtanga classes, I offer lots of modifications, ensuring the class is suitable for all levels. I also teach students the traditional opening Ashtanga Mantra where there is interest and energy to do so!

My Yin classes are designed to encourage you to go inwards, to nourish and apply healthy stress to the connective tissues, joints and fascia.

All my classes are taught with love and care and the intention that all students leave feeling better than when they arrived.


Mudra is a combination of subtle physical movements, which alter the mood, attitude and perception; deepening awareness and concentration. 


Om is derived from the Sanskrit verbal root 'av' - which means 'to protect.'  It is used as a symbol for everything in the entire universe (physical world, conceptual world and unmanifested condition); because Om sustains. Om as a sound symbol indicates totality.

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